We can help you lease the equipment you need

We can help your business to get the equipment it needs, and when it needs it, by utilising the many benefits of equipment lease finance and lease hire.

Let us guide you through the many options available to get that equipment you need be it via lease hire, operating lease, lease finance, asset finance, equipment hire or equipment rental by focusing our recommendation on what best suits you, your business and the equipment you need. Using our established partnerships with some of the top UK equipment leasing companies we will guarantee that our no obligation solution is the best available. Researching and applying to multiple equipment leasing companies yourself is very time consuming and confusing especially with the inevitable range of alternatives, and comparisons, that you will be bombarded with. Likewise relying on just a few, or even one, leasing organisation (possibly refereed to you by your equipment supplier) may mean you will not be getting the best deal! OnlineLease with its many years of experience and in-depth know-how of the equipment leasing industry saves you time and helps you make well-informed decisions and all with the confidence of knowing you are getting they best deal for you and your business.

At the end-of-the-day leasing is finance and the word "finance" is often associated with hassle, complications, confusion , paper work, rates and percentages to name but a few. Sadly this is often a reason why many businesses skip over the leasing option even though it is, more often than not, the most beneficial and efficient way for them to get the equipment needed. This is where we can help. From the brief business details you provide along with the type of equipment you need we will seek the most suitable solution from one, or more, of our 26 approved lease organisations based on the their unique experience, and specialisation, matched against your particular requirements.

Using this free service helps you avoid what are often less favourable, or less competitive, supplier linked lease/hire arrangements which suppliers may offer you. This helps you leverage the best deal, price and discounts from the supplier independently.

We simply provide you with a recommendations for you to review. 94% of this years recommendations were followed through to completion! We may have mentioned this - this service is FREE!

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OnlineLease have provided it's renowned, unique and custom guidance to a range of UK businesses from new starts and SME's to large internationals on a vast range of equipment for many years. Our approach ensures we stand independent, and impartial, from any one leasing organisation, broker or funder to guarantee our recommendations has yours, and your business, best interests at the core.

Conserve and Control Cash

Equipment leasing saves your working capital (bank lines) for day-to-day business expenses, business expansions, or unexpected business related expenses. In addition to saving your working capital, with a lease you have a pre-determined monthly line item, which can help you budget more effectively. With predictable monthly expenses you can develop long-term plans for your business with confidence and get your business set up with the equipment you need, while keeping your cash flow available for other expenditures

Upgrade outdated Equipment

Depending on your business type, equipment leasing can help you stay on top of the latest advances in equipment and technology. How long do you plan to keep the asset? If you're only planning to keep it for the short term, you may find that leasing is a better alternative than buying it and trying to resell it when you no longer need it. You can also determine the length of your lease, so if you work with technology that changes rapidly, you can take on a short lease to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge in your industry

Tax Benefits

Lease financing presents your business with potential tax benefits. In many cases, leasing not only provides businesses with a full deduction of lease payments against current earnings, but also preserves working capital that you wouldn’t have access to if you had to purchase your equipment up front

More Attractive Balance Sheet

Monthly lease payments are viewed as a business expense instead of long-term debt. Having little debt on your balance sheet helps you secure financing to fund your business. And who doesn't love a sexy balance sheet?

Fixed Monthly Payments

Know your monthly payment and term in advance so you can handle your monthly cash flow more easily

With such an unpredictable future and with no certainty on the affects of Brexit fixing the cost of your equipment to the same fixed monthly payment, especially whilst rates are so low, is surely a very sensible business decision?

Better Equipment & Quicker

When leasing you will get your equipment straight away, rather than when budgets dictate

You can also get a much higher standard of equipment than you might otherwise be able to budget for if you purchased it outright.

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" How quick was that! Free recommendation was in 3hrs. My Oven was delivered and installed in 4 days. "
Oven, Emily T, Hertfordshire
" Having been turned down by my Supplier OnlineLease got it sorted. "
Four Post Lift, James P , London
" 7 different Suppliers, 12 separate bits of equipment all sorted in one go and on one lease. "
Gym & Fitness Equipment, Jeong S, Milton Keynes


The latest figures released by the Finance & Leasing Association

16 Jun 2018
Figures released by the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) show that asset finance new business (primarily leasing and hire purchase) grew by 7% in April, compared with the same month in 2017.

Equipment finance sectors up by 13% and 18%

12 Jun 2018
New business in the plant and machinery finance and business equipment finance sectors was up by 13% and 18% respectively, while commercial vehicle finance new business increased by 13% over the same period.

The recovery in asset finance new business in April was broad-based

11 Jun 2018
The manufacturing, agricultural and construction equipment finance sectors each reported strong growth, with new business up by 61%, 35% and 27% respectively, compared with April 2017